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32 SEK from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research to Henrik Pavia and "Production systems for algae with high-value applications"

Trees, algae, agricultural residues and the like may be valuable and renewable raw materials for new products. It is the starting point for SSF Framework programme Biological Production Systems, which was granted 225 million at the Board meeting on 15 December. Eight research projects are now granted 21 and 32 million each.

One of the eight researchers was Henrik Pavia, and the project, Production systems for algae with high-value applications,  who was granted 32 million SEK. The project is a five-year project with partners from University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Focus will be on the cultivation and processing of algae for further refining into food, fine chemicals and bio-based materials.



New publication:

Individual Specialization to Non-Optimal Hosts in a Polyphagous Marine Invertebrate Herbivore

by Finn A. Baumgartner, Henrik Pavia, Gunilla B. Toth in PLoS ONE


The Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology brings together researchers in biology, chemistry and biohydrodynamics to collaborate and improve the understanding of chemically mediated interactions between marine organisms and their environment.

Focus is on production and response to bioactive compounds used in chemical defense.

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