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Parasitic infection on seagrass

This summer we are investigating Labyrinthula zosterae infection on the temperate seagrass Zostera marina. L. zosterae is the causative agent of Wasting disease, which results in black lesions on the plant. We have collected plants from different areas along the Swedish coast in hope of studying how popuations from different areas withstand the infection. Thus, plants are inoculated with the pathogen here at Tjärnö to asses the effects of the infection.



New publication:

Solid phase extraction and metabolic profiling of exudates from living copepods.

Selander E, Heuschele J, Nylund GM, Pohnert G, Pavia H, Bjærke O, Pender-Healy LA, Tiselius P, Kiørboe T.

in PeerJ



The Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology brings together researchers in biology, chemistry and biohydrodynamics to collaborate and improve the understanding of chemically mediated interactions between marine organisms and their environment.

Focus is on production and response to bioactive compounds used in chemical defense.

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