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Mark Hay and Julia Kubanek invited to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' Jubilee Symposia 275 years in Gothenburg, 17-18 February

The 17-18 February 2015 a jubilee symposium is arranged by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences with presentations of close to 20 world leading scientists together with five eminent researchers from the Swedish west coast. The symposium is free of charge and open to the public, but registration is required. 

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CeMaCE will be giving presentations at the coming ASLO meeting in Spain, 22-27 February. 

Session 047 Aquatic Chemical Ecology - how organic compunds regulate trophic internactions.

Erik Selander, et al. Chemical signals - modulating food webs beyond direct trophic interactions

Henrik Pavia, Chemistry releases in invasive seaweed from native enemies

Gunilla Toth, Microgeographica differences in chemically mediated escape responses in a seastar


New publication:

Distribution and abundance of teredinid recruits along the Swedish coast – are shipworms invading the Baltic Sea?  

by Christin Appelqvist, Jon Havenhand and Gunilla Toth in the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom


The Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology brings together researchers in biology, chemistry and biohydrodynamics to collaborate and improve the understanding of chemically mediated interactions between marine organisms and their environment.

Focus is on production and response to bioactive compounds used in chemical defense.

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